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Driver Yamaha New Inpres X Classic

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  • 2012 New Model
  • High Quality/Function
  • Made in Japan
  • World famous brand, YAMAHA DRIVER NEW
  • Yamaha Driver New Classic for easy distance shot

Including whale head of the innovation that "flies, and came out of pursuit of", it is equipped with original technology.
"High muzzle velocity proposes it high; the driver who realize a low spin" easily, and lays a flying distance of the assent.

The senior golfer whom I was able to remain to here simply because I really liked golf.
Neither the spirit of self-advancement nor the research heart declines still more.
About golf clubs, I continue always looking for the best partner.
Overwhelming screwdriver in response to the needs was completed at last.

With "the whale head" which changed a welding position,
By synergy of Yamaha's original POWER CHEMICAL MILLING CROWN,
To a further strong trajectory.

I realize the expansion of the bend area of the crown part and optimization of the energy by bringing a welding position close to a sole part.
I change head speed into "power to hit" effectively.

Power chemical milling crown

Yamaha's original pattern the rib of the form of halftone plate of the crown inside does around faces thickly, and to roughen to the rear.
Extend an area in comparison with an older model, and, in an impact, a halftone plate bends more effectively, and give a repousse corner; and is quantification with a spin ideally.
Furthermore, meat thinning, lightweighting, a low center of gravity realized a strong trajectory in becoming it.

Yamaha Driver New Classic is equivalent to the flying distance that a senior is particular about by "a new lengthiness of a reel of film or tape balance theory".
At 46.75 inches having a long 0.5 inches more than the former model, it is light balance of C3.
It is light and can wave it easily and maximizes head speed.

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