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Driver Callaway GBB Epic Forged Speeder Jv

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Forbidden drivers pursuing feeling and sound. 
A full lineup of flutitan drivers has been added to the GBB EPIC series, which is supported by a wide range of golfers ranging from average golfers to advanced players. With the innovative "JAILBREAK TECHNOLOGY" which is a synonym of the GBB EPIC driver, it retains a forged titanium face (SP-700) and a heel back adjustable weight as it is. Another GBB EPIC driver is born that you can pleasantly swing by comfortable metal sound and the unique shot feeling of SP - 700 titanium, which was not in the GBB EPIC series so far.

JIILBREAK technology to improve distance

JAILBREAK technology arranges two (about 3 g) pillars (made of titanium) connecting the crown and sole near the inside of the face. These two pillars reduce the energy loss by minimizing the deflection of the crown and sole up and down.Maximizing the deflection of the face itself, the ball's initial velocity dramatically improves.

Forged titanium face

By adopting thin, light, high strength SP-700, we achieved high initial velocity. In addition, the face formed by forging (FORGED) method has high metal density and high strength even though it is thin. This not only contributes to the thinning and weight reduction of the face, but also creates a unique shot feeling. 
※ Forged manufacturing only for face

Heel, back, adjustable weight

By arranging a weight of 10 g on the heel and 2 g on the back, it is finished in a gentle driver that is easy to grasp. At the same time, by improving the square impact, we will further improve the ball's initial speed.

Head shape with reduced air resistance and NEW speed step

Speed ​​step size, streamlined head, equipped with advice by aerospace experts directly, equipped with Callaway's own speed step. Aerodynamic performance is improved, swing speed and flight distance are improved.

Original "Fujikura Speeder EVOLUTION for GBB" shaft

Fujikura Speeder EVOLUTION, which realizes speed, power, feel and control with exquisite balance.



Count W # 1
Face Material / Structure SP-700 titanium / JAILBREAK technology
Body material α + β titanium
Club length (inches) 45.5
Head volume (cm 3 ) 450
Loft angle (°) 9.5 10.5
Lie angle (°) 58.0

Spec (by shaft)

Shaft name (hardness) Speeder EVOLUTION for GBB (S) Speeder EVOLUTION for GBB (SR) Speeder EVOLUTION for GBB (R) Tour AD IZ-6 (S) Speeder 569 EVOLUTION IV (S)
Line up9.5
balance D1 D2 D1
Club Weight Approximately 295 g Approximately 293 g Approximately 291 g Approximately 309 g Approximately 304 g
Shaft weight Approximately 53 g Approximately 50 g Approximately 49 g 63 g 59 g
Shaft torque 5.6 5.7 6.1 3.2 4.6
Shaft condition Moderate condition Medium condition

  •  : Normal stock  : Make-to-order production ※ There is no setting for the left model.
  • ※ The shaft specification value is the published value of the manufacturer (Tour AD = graphite design company, Speeder = Fujikura Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.), Speeder EVOLUTION for GBB is the value after the shaft cut.
  • * Assembled in China / Japan
  • ※ Head cover: Made in China
  • * Special torque wrench: Made in China

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