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Driver Callaway Rogue Star Fubuki Jv

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NEW JAILBREAK technology designed thinly at the center of the pillar and New X-Face technology with 
thinner thickness realized flying and gentleness.

NEW JAILBREAK technology improves ball initial velocity bysuppressing deflection 
of crown and sole at impact .



The further reduced thickness of the face realized further improvement of the ball's initial speed by 
synergy with JAILBREAK technology 

Triaxial · carbon crown enables 
unprecedented moment of inertia and gentleness

Triacular carbon is extremely light and strong, so it can produce a large surplus weight. By placing the weight in the periphery of the head, we realize a higher moment of inertia, easiness, and bring distance and straightness even in off center hits. ROGUE uses this triacruciform carbon crown most frequently in the history of Callaway.


With a large projected area, it provides good sitting at the time of addressing, a sense of security


Slice reduction by drawing design

A head designed with a short center of gravity distance (center of gravity position design head closer to the heel) facilitates head rotation during swing, making it easier to impact the square, making it easier to catch a ball. Also minimize slice rotation when the face opens and impacts. 
Approximately 2 g of screws mounted on the heel side of the sole and weights designed inside the heel bring the center of gravity position to the heel side, creating a gear effect (draw bias) (Rogue Star).

Aerodynamics package jointly developed with Boeing

We also worked with Boeing to reduce air resistance of the head during swing. In addition to reviewing the shape of the conventional speed step, we also reviewed the shape of the leading edge of the head and succeeded in further improving the aerodynamic performance. As a result, swing speed and flight distance performance can be improved.


We offer a wide range of standard shafts weighing 40 g to 60 g

  • Fubuki for CW 40

  • Speeder EVOLUTION for CW 50

  • Diamana for CW60 (customized)

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