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Driver Grand Tag TT 525 Super HC Su 45 (10.25) R

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Grand Golf focuses first and foremost on driver distance technologies.  We design and engineer our driver heads, shafts, and grips to perform as one harmonious, powerful force.   The use of newly developed Triple Threat Technology™ allows Grand drivers to achieve a trio of features 1) The highest COR1 (Coefficient of Restitution) of >0.880; 2) The highest MOI2 (Moment of Inertia) of >5,500; and 3) The highest KE3 (Kinetic Energy) Transfer Factor of >1.475.


Super thin <2.40mm, individually heat-treated club faces variably milled to precision create our highest COR.  Super size >500cc, deeply weighted heads polished to perfection create our highest MOI.  Super elastic club faces from Japan, latest technology carbon Fujikura shafts from Japan, and a proprietary 32g grip blend in rhythmic unison to create our highest KE1.  In short and in total, our ultra-light weight drivers with Triple Threat Technology™ produce faster clubspeed and faster ballspeed which consistently results in energy transfer factors of 1.45~1.50 to bring out unparalleled distance beyond all your old boundaries.


[1] Coefficient of restitution (COR) is the measure of energy transferred from the clubhead to ball at impact.  A driver with a high COR is more efficient at transferring energy, which leads to a greater ballspeed and more distance.


[2]Moment of inertia (MOI Izz) is the measure of a driver head’s resistance to horizontal twisting.  This means for shots that are mishit, a head with a higher MOI will twist less than a head with a lower MOI and drives will flight straighter and longer.


[3] Kinetic Energy (KE) is the energy of mass in motion.   The KE Transfer Factor is a ratio between ballspeed and clubhead speed (ballspeed/clubhead speed).   The higher the KE Transfer Factor, the faster the ball will be propelled by the clubhead for a given impact speed.  This means the ball has more energy stored to fly longer.




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