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Driver Callaway Epic Flash Speeder Evo

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It is a marvelous ball's initial speed by the face AI created. A quantitative model
that produces unknown flight with optimal trajectory, that "EPIC" comes with the name of "EPIC FLASH" along with further innovative technology. 
The point of evolution, no matter what. Introduced AI (artificial intelligence) for the first time in developing golf clubs. In addition, by utilizing supercomputer, it is possible to design analysis as much as ordinarily took a huge amount of time, 34 years usually, to achieve maximum ball initial velocity and durability, unique shape "FLASH Face "was created. 
"EPIC FLASH Driver" is a model that can customize the trajectory born from the phenomenal ball initial velocity of "FLASH face" and "JAILBREAK technology" by abundant functions. On the rear part of the sole, Callaway has cultivated its own perimeter · waiting, and the neck has an adjustable hosel. From draw, fade, to high and low of the ball, it is possible to precisely adjust. By adjusting the unprecedented flight to the best spherical bridge for each person, you should be able to reach the ball steadily to the place that you could not imagine until now. Limited release model.

Technology Specs

EPIC FLASH Driver Technology Item
  • New shape for skipping over human common sense "FLASH face"

    "FLASH face" with unique uneven wavy asymmetric left and right on the back. This is the shape that AI derived by repeating self-learning with the aim of maximizing the initial velocity of the ball. Normally, when people design and modify in development, where AI can do only 8 to 10 times, AI is doing the same process 15,000 times. It is a surprise face design that I do not think very much for people. In addition, this face is formed by forging special titanium and heat treating at 595 ° C for 2 hours, which is excellent in deflection, repulsion and durability.

  • JAILBREAK technology that we have cultivated over two generations

    On the back side of the FLASH face, "2 pillars", which has brought a surprising ball's initial speed in the GBB EPIC, ROGUE series, equipped with JAILBREAK technology. By combining two innovative technologies, the ball initial velocity of the EPIC FLASH series has increased to an unprecedented level.

  • Triacular carbon crown also upgraded further

    Triacular carbon materials adopted in both the GBB EPIC and ROGUE series are also used for the crown, but there is a big evolution here as well. This time we have the name T2C, and the incorporation of carbon is finer. This makes it possible to further reduce the weight while maintaining strength and rigidity, and as a result succeeded in producing a lot of surplus weight. It contributes to maximizing the moment of inertia of the head.

  • Optimal trajectory realized with perimeter · waiting

    Behind the sole, Calloway has adopted Perimeter · Weighting, which has been adopted for many years and the effect has been proven. By sliding about 16 g weights along the rail, you will realize your favorite trajectory, such as draw and fade. Also, by adding Callaway's unique Adjustable Hosel here, you can customize finer trajectory further.

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