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Fairway Yamaha New Inpres X Classic D-Powerspoon

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Yamaha Fw New Inpres X Classic

Birth of fairway woods with extremely low center of gravity design incorporates the latest features, including the stand out features of the 2012 models whale head?, strategies/offensive. 

Score make walls and breaking through the FW to utilize the driving force. 
You now have gears and adopting new FRICOFF TWIN to improve linearity and stop end up valuing flying POWER SPOON from a strategic # 9 meet golfer's aim as the core Club of all fastest flow balance design.

"Whale head' + shallow of ultra low center of gravity achieved. 
Possible to FW to "fly higher trajectory". 

Low center of gravity of the feel "クジラヘッド" shape of a new design and it looks shallow interface, ultra low center of gravity (# 5 in 2010 model ratio-6.0 mm) implementation. 
Accurate Equalization of up and down, raised the ball high, large skip. 

FRICOFF TWIN head "protest a little' to eliminate, through the goodness and straight up.
Plow through the grass, running, 
Two blades. 

FRICOFF TWIN blade provides smooth swinging orbits plow through the grass as the high-speed ship percussive water ran the stable direction.

FRICOFF sole effect is to leave 

Leading edge with Vance 突っかかり, reduced the surface area in the gentle curve of the sole FRICOFF sole. Low friction resistance, strain of keep the goodness

From POWER SPOON up to # 9, in the same swing hit to balance flow design. 

L pinpoint across the pond and trees from the big aim for town in long haul distance POWER SPOON # 9 until 
In the same swing, to get shot.


Loft angle (°) 15
Lie angle (°) 59.5
Face angle (°) Hook 0.5
Head volume (cm 3 ) 196
Center of gravity distance (mm) 34.5
Shaft TBX-412F
Shaft hardness SR/R
Shaft weight (g) 50 / 49
Shaft torque (°) 5.7/5.8
Shaft condition To & from
Club length (inches) 43.5
Balance C4
Gross weight (g) 296 / 294
Grip Impress X original rubber silver 45 g 
"Grip h-10CLASSIC-62R-45] equivalent to M62 and backline
Structure 6-4 Titanium precision casting 
Tungsten weights 50 g 
Black I. P. processing

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