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Fairway Callaway Legacy Black

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Product Details
Low spin clubhead with adjustable loft and face anglefor longer distance

Forged Cup face with advanced OptiFit hosel allowsplayers to adjust loft and centre of gravity (CG) bias from Draw to Neutral.
Sole weight adjustable technology allows the golfer to optimise their backspin.

Adjustable triangle weighting for lower, more forward CG

  •     7g weight is installed standard in the head. Additional 2g and 12g weights are included
  •     Optimise your back spin characteristics by changing the CG weight triangle

Advanced OptiFit Technology

  •     Advanced OptiFit Hosel allows you to increase or decrease loft for optimum trajectory
  •     CG bias can be adjusted to Draw or Neutral to optimise shot shape

2 Different Head Types to meet your style of Play

  •     440cc: 9.5 degrees - Mid trajectory driver with traditional shape (Neutral bias and low CG)
  •     460cc: 10.5 degrees - High trajectory driver with rounded head shape (Semi-draw bias and low CG)

Speed Frame Forged Cup Face
The combination of VFT and Hyperbolic Face technologies creates a larger sweet spot and increases ball speeds across the titanium face for longer, more consistent distance.

Sound Rib Construction Inside The Head
Sound rib construction creates a high pitch sound.

Golfers of all skill levels will generate the highly sought after high-launch, low spin shot shape needed to maximise both carry and roll. Incorporating Power "Ninja" Core into this design has allows Mitsubishi Rayon to rid the shaft of the harsh feel associated with traditional tip firm profiles.

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