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Fairway Callaway Rogue Fubuki Jv

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Two pillars, JAILBREAK technology is also installed
in fairway wood, Fairway wood has acquired JAILBREAK technology. ROGUE STAR fairway wood is the first fairway wood equipped with JAILBREAK technology. In addition, the face cup technology that increases the ball speed has also evolved.With the latest two technologies to maximize the ball's initial speed, the powerful fairway wood, which was never built, was completed. 
Delivery will be after the release date. The left model will be released on April 13. 
Catalog price ¥ 48,000 (excluding tax) 
* Some of the image images used are different from the Japanese specification.

JAILBREAK technology loading also fairway wood also flying distance improvement

Succeeded to install innovative JAILBREAK technology on fairway wood. The body strengthened by the pillars of two JAILBREAK accumulates the impact impact in the face more than ever, improving the initial velocity of the ball and further flying distance.

Improved flying distance with a very thin face and face cup technology

Carpenter 455 steel is a very thin material, which can increase the initial velocity of the ball. In addition, with the effect of face cup technology, we have achieved further ball initial velocity even in center hits and off center hits. With these technologies, ROGUE STAR Fairway Wood produces a surprising ball's initial velocity and flight distance, whether it is a center hit or an off center hit.

Triaxial · carbon crown enables unprecedented moment of inertia and gentleness

ROGUE STAR Crown of fairway wood is made of triaxial carbon which is lighter than steel and high strength. By using triacuscium carbon crown, we adopted non-adjustable hosel to reduce the weight of the head, redistributing the weight of the weight around the head and lowering the center of gravity. As a result, easy-to-hit and easy fairway wood was completed.

Strong trajectory and flying distance improvement with undercut inner weight technology

ROGUE STAR fairway wood incorporates undercut inner weight technology. This technology was originally developed for Callaway's iron and brings degrees of freedom to control the position of the center of gravity. ROGUE STAR fairway wood realizes front center of gravity, low center of gravity design by installing this technology. It carries the ball further away with a high launch angle and low spin.

Aerodynamics package jointly developed with Boeing

We also worked with Boeing to reduce air resistance of the head during swing. In addition to reviewing the shape of the conventional speed step, we also reviewed the shape of the leading edge of the head and succeeded in further improving the aerodynamic performance. As a result, swing speed and flight distance performance can be improved.


Count W # 3 W # 5 W # 7 W # 9
Face Material / Structure JAILBREAK TECHNOLOGY / Carpenter 455 Steel / 6 th generation Hyper Speed ​​Forged Face Cup 17-4 stainless steel / VFT face
Body material 17-4 stainless steel / Triaxial carbon crown 17-4 stainless steel
Club length (inches) 43.25 42.75 42.25 41.75
Head volume (cm 3 ) 180 159 148 142
Loft angle (°) 15.0 18.0 21.0 23.0
Lie angle (°) 58.0 58.5 59.0 59.5

Spec (by shaft)

Shaft name (hardness) FUBUKI for CW 40 (S) FUBUKI for CW 40 (SR) FUBUKI for CW 40 (R) Speeder EVOLUTION for CW 50 (S) Speeder EVOLUTION for CW 50 (SR) Speeder EVOLUTION for CW 50 (R) Speeder Evolution IV FW 40 (S) Speeder Evolution IV FW 50 (S)
lineupW # 3  (L)  (L)  [L]  (L)  [L]  (L)  (L)  (L)
W # 5  (L)  (L)  [L]  (L)  [L]  (L)  (L)  (L)
W # 7
W # 9
balance D1 D2
Club Weight (W # 3) Approximately 303 g Approximately 301 g Approximately 299 g Approximately 311 g Approximately 309 g Approximately 306 g Approximately 310 g Approximately 319 g
Shaft weight (W # 3) Approximately 47 g Approximately 45 g Approximately 43 g Approximately 54 g Approximately 52 g Approximately 49 g 48.5 g 58.5 g
Shaft torque 5.6 6.1 6.3 5.9 5.4 4.7
Shaft condition Moderate condition Medium condition
  •  : Normal stock  : Make-to-order production [L] Left model: Normal stock (L) Left model: Make-to-order production
  • ※ Left model only: W # 3, W # 5 setting only. FUBUKI for CW 40 (R), Speeder EVOLUTION for CW 50 (SR) are ordinary stocks, others are made to order
  • ※ The shaft specification value is the value published by the manufacturer (Speeder = Fujikura Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.), FUBUKI for CW 40, Speeder EVOLUTION for CW 50 is the value after shaft cutting.
  • * Assembled in China / Japan
  • ※ Head cover: Made in China
  • ※ Standard shaft installed GRIP: Callaway VDR JV black / teal about 40 g, caliber 60 (5717127)
  • * Custom shaft installation GRIP: Callaway VDR JV black / teal about 45 g, caliber 60 (5717137)
  • * Dedicated head cover: 5518166

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