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Taylormade Fairway M3 Jv

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Also adopting graphite composite for sole, it realizes further lower center of gravity along with sliding weight weight increase. M3 fairway wood which was compatible with the advanced adjustable function and further flight distance performance

Also adopting graphite composite for the sole, it 
achieves further lower center of gravity along with sliding weight increase.M3 fairway wood 
which was compatible with the advanced adjustable function and further flight distance performance 

  • In addition to the crown, a graphite composite is adopted also behind the sole, and combined with the weight of the sliding weight of about 4 g (compared to our previous work), we realized even lower center of gravity.
  • A piercing speed pocket, TaylorMade's proprietary technology, contributes to reducing backspin, increasing the ball's initial speed, and expanding the sweet area.
  • In addition to "KUROKAGE TM 5 shaft" jointly developed with "Mitsubishi Chemical" standard equipment, custom shafts are also available.

As described in the Golf Club Operation Manual / Warranty Card, if you change or modify the club, it will be out of warranty and can not be held responsible as a manufacturer. 
In recent years, it is possible to see cases of doing a remiss in other than the spec that our company set up on the Internet etc, but please note that these products are out of warranty subject to our warranty policy. Please refer to the judgment criteria other 
than the guarantee under the guarantee regulations of the customer service page below .

HEAD# 3#Five
Head material / face material Stainless steel [450 SS] + graphite · composite · crown & sole 
/ stainless steel [C 300 ]
Loft angle (°) 15 19
Lie angle (°) 58.5 59
Head volume (㎤ <__>) 139 one two Three
KUROKAGE TM 5 43.25 42.25
TourAD IZ-6 43 42
Speeder 661 EVOLUTION IV
TourAD IZ-6 S
Speeder 661 EVOLUTION IV S
flex  S SR S S
Club weight (g)  About 322 About 320 About 325 About 327
Shaft weight (g) About 52 About 50 63 67.5
torque 4.2 4.6 3.2 3.7
balance D 2.5 D 2.5 D3 D3.5
Kick point During ~ During ~ During ~
grip TM 360 Black / Gray CP (diameter 60 / 47.5 g)

* The above specifications are numbers of # 3 (15 °). 
* This specification is the design value. 
* The loft angle and the lie angle are numerical values ​​in the standard position. 
* Left hand will be made to order production. 
* TourAD IZ-6 is the published value of graphite design Co., Ltd. 
* Speeder 661 EVOLUTION IV is published by Fujikura Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. 
* With dedicated head cover 
* Main body, dedicated head cover made in China 
* Aftermarket shaft made in Japan 
Weight of attention sole part is not removable.


KUROKAGE TM 5 (S, SR) Main unit price ¥ 40,000 + tax
Tour AD IZ-6 (S) Main unit price ¥ 59,000 + tax
Speeder 661 Evolution IV (S) Main unit price ¥ 59,000 + tax




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