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Fairway Callaway Epic Flash Star Speeder Evo

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Also the face design born from AI is also to fairway wood! Experience flying beyond imagination, fused with face cup. 
Fairway wood of "EPIC FLASH" series also incorporates innovative technology as well as a driver.Designed for the fairway wood, the idea of ​​"FLASH face" by AI that did not come up with by men was integrated with face cup. In addition, by combining with JAILBREAK technology introduced from the ROGUE series fairway wood, we will create amazing ball initial velocity. In addition, by adopting T2C Triacial carbon crown and normal hosel, realize high trajectory gently. "EPIC FLASH STAR Fairway Wood" brings "unknown flying" to a wide range of golfers.


Technology Specs

EPIC FLASH STAR Fairway Wood Technology Item
  • Fast ball initial speed achieved with a face cup that follows "FLASH face"

    The idea of ​​"FLASH face" adopted as the driver of the "EPIC FLASH" series also follows the fairway wood's face. By fusing with the technology of Forged carpenter 455 steel face cup that Calloway has cultivated over long, the entire face has become high initial velocity area, realizing amazing distance distance performance.

  • Fuse JAILBREAK technology to the latest face

    On the back side of the face, this time, it also features JAILBREAK technology "2 pillars" first adopted in the ROGUE series for fairway wood. Combined with the latest face technology, the EPIC FLASH series fairway wood produces the unprecedented ball initial velocity.

  • Triacsential carbon crown also upgraded further

    Crown employs the triac - carbon material adopted in both GBB EPIC and ROGUE series, but there is a big evolution here as well. This time we have the name T2C, and the incorporation of carbon is finer. This achieves further weight saving while maintaining strength and rigidity. It contributes greatly to the low center of gravity of the head, making it even easier for the ball to rise than before. In addition, EPIC FLASH STAR fairway wood also contributes to weight reduction and low center of gravity of the head by adopting conventional hosel (adhesive type). It is easy to swing, it is possible to maximize the head speed, and the ball gently rises as well.


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