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Fairway Ping G410 Alta J Cb Red (3)

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A shallow FORGED maraging C300 face that produces maximum deflection and initial velocity. Because it is a high MOI head equipped with a weight at the back of the sole, it does not blur even if you make a mistake.

PING G410 Technology

  • Initial speed & tolerance

    The face-to-face, deep low center of gravity design creates maximum initial velocity and forgiveness.
  • High MOI

    It is strong against mistakes with the high specific gravity tungsten weight.
  • New loft lie angle adjustment function
  • Optimized ballistic with loft and lie angle adjustment function. The loft can be adjusted to ± 1 degree, ± 1.5 degrees, and the lie angle can be adjusted to standard or flat. (A total of 8 positions can be adjusted)
3-wood 14.5degrees ± 1.5 °degrees 43 " 57.5 °degrees 171ccPing.Clubs.Specs.HeadSize.Units D1
5-wood 17.5 °degrees ± 1.5 °degrees 42 1/2 "1/2 58.0 °degrees 162ccPing.Clubs.Specs.HeadSize.Units D1
7-wood 20.5degrees ± 1.5 °degrees 42 1/2 "1/2 58.5 °degrees 148CcPing.Clubs.Specs.HeadSize.Units D1
9-wood 23.5 °degrees ± 1.5 °degrees 41 1/2 "1/2 59.0 °degrees 144ccPing.Clubs.Specs.HeadSize.Units D1


  • Custom fitting will adjust individually.
  • The thickness of the standard grip is AQUA. (ALTA DISTANZA Shaft only RED)
  • Some items will be special order items. Please be aware that it will take some time after your order.
  • The total weight and balance of the description are for reference only as a guide.
  • Assembled in Japan [Custom / Partial Repair, etc .: Assembled in USA]
It is important to choose the best shaft for your swing to get maximum flight distance and directionality. By setting the optimal launch conditions (launch angle and spin amount), it is possible to aim at the maximum flight distance with # 3 wood, and aim at the green with high trajectory with reduced runs at 5 and 7 . 

In general, selecting the same shaft (type flex) as the driver will give the best trajectory. However, since it is a club that strikes from the ground, it is not uncommon for the shaft (type flex) different from the driver to be the best match. 

PING recommends fitting for maximum performance. Using the best club for your swing is a shortcut to score up.
PING Alta J CB Red
R 44.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Ahead
SR 49.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Inside out
S 54.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units During ~
X 62.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units During ~
PING Tour 65
PING Tour Shaft
R 53.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units During ~
S 57.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Nakagen
X 62.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units At hand
PING Tour 75
PING Tour Shaft
R 64.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units During ~
S 70.0 g ofPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Nakagen
X 76.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units At hand
PING Alta Distanza
Alta Distanza shaft
- 40.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Ahead
The attas
5S 54.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units During ~
6S 63.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units During ~
Fujikura Speeder Evolution V
Fujikura Speeder Evo 661 Shaft
569S 59.5gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Inside out
661S 66.0 gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Inside out
TENSEI CK Pro Orange
60S 64.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units At hand
70S 72.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units At hand

PING's extensive grip variation PING offers various sizes and styles of grip depending on hand size and pattern preferences. The grip size affects the movement of the wrist, so it also relates to the shot's direction and ballistics. 

PING Color Code Grips There are six standard PING grip sizes, and you can also adjust the grip tape wrapping to your liking. After determining the neutral grip size from the grip chart measurement, you may consider using a thin grip with a function of fading and soaking slices, or a slightly thicker grip for tempering draw and hooks.

Golf Pride Lite Tour Velvet Round
  • plus+1/16 "Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • plus+1/32 "Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • StdPing.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • minus-1/64 "Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • minus-1/32 "Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • minus-1/16 "Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units

A new grip that takes into account the all-weather stability and anti-slip.

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