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Ball Bridgestone Extra Soft 91

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A soft two-piece ball that pursues a soft feel and abig jump in all counts .

Recommended for juniors

XBWXJ (white), XBYXJ (yellow), XBOXJ (orange)




Number of dimplesDimple shapePlay numberCountry of origin
330 pieces Seamless 330 dimples 1, 2, 3, 4 Taiwan / Vietnam

* Balls with different cover colors and text colors in the same model have the same performance and structure, but are registered as different types in the R & A official ball list. In competitions where the “one ball condition” applies, use balls with the same cover color and text color. 
* Because yellow and orange of this product use fluorescent colorant for the cover, the color may change if left in direct sunlight or under fluorescent light (there is no change in ball performance). 
In addition, own names of yellow and orange are available only in black. Please note that the color may change slightly depending on the design even if black is used. 
* Please confirm the country of origin in the package. 
* Products manufactured in multiple countries of origin are managed according to the same standards as our company.

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