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Putter Majesty Royale 192P 91 (34)

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Mallet type

Model shape that can be set without getting lost in the target line

The round sole is not affected by the inclination, and it stands straight against the target line.
Wide face design gives you a sense of security that allows you to concentrate on your stroke.

Club head design that draws out the desired stroke

Heavy weight design brings out the stability of the stroke
and produces good rolling of the ball.
With the thick-walled fishing design that connects the long hosel and the neck,
you can push the ball with impact.

Multi-axis CNC Neck integrated machining method

SUS303 that conveys the impact straightforwardly is machined with high dimensional accuracy,
realizing a delicate model shape

Original head cover

High-class feeling only in the Majesty brand in the head cover

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