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Yamaha Iron Inpres Rmx Ud+2 Ns Zelos7


Rp. 23.312.000  ( - 11% )
Rp. 20.980.000

Yamaha RMX UD+2

To achieve a +2 fastest of distance, Buttobi Iron.

● was covered up to sole, and realize the coefficient of restitution of SLE rules limit the adoption of new L UNIT face (# 5I ~ # 7I).

● Achieve and blade undercut structure, high launch a super low deep center of gravity due to the shape that lowered the ultra-wide sole and toe.
● The milling equipped with a honeycomb structure, and Baratsuka not even fly.
● The shaft can impact by accelerating the "NSPRO ZELOS 7" of the world's lightest steel "BASSARA FS" to the preceding adoption.

Coefficient of restitution 0.815 of SLE rules limit 
covered up to the sole portion, 
new L UNIT face (# 5I ~ # 7I) by 
SLE rules limit to become face coefficient of restitution 
0.815  the realized.
Super low center of gravity, 
super deep center of gravity

and the blade undercut structure, ultra-wide 
by the shape with reduced sole & toe, Sue 
and achieve Per low deep center of gravity.
The new milling of honeycomb structure 
control the spin!


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