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Yamaha Iron Grandis LX TX-515I

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Pushing the limits of innovation, technology & aesthetics

Yamaha’s GRANDIS LX family follows in the footsteps of GRX models bringing exciting new product features and looks to the fore

Since 1982 when Yamaha Golf released the world’s first CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) drivers it has inspired a legacy of cutting-edge technology that is known for challenging the boundaries of design, imagination and engineering.

Now following on the heels of the successful GRX family comes the Grandis LX line that again pushes the limits of exciting innovation and technology.

These clubs are the summation of the masterful manufacturing techniques Yamaha has developed, and they produce ball flights unlike anything ever seen.

Visually, it bears outstanding aesthetics where luxury and beauty have become defining points of the design, and Yamaha sought the highest standards for these models.

Design-wise the clubs emanate an elegant feel akin to luxury timepieces or precious objects. Like the previous GRX models it retains the thematic blue hue but now combined with rose gold a striking aura is created.

This series also have the decorative patterns used on Yamaha wind instruments as a motif to express the advanced technology and traditions of the brand.

Grandis LX Driver

Features: Low/deep CG design for stable, straight shots and high trajectories.

  • Heavy head design to increase initial ball speed
  • Yamaha’s sound design for high, pleasing sound on impact
  • IP coating for an elegant look 

Double Slit Body Design

The double slit body maximizes initial ball speed. Adding slits to the inside of the crown and sole increases the amount of flex in the head. The energy when the flex returns is higher, and balls are launched with high initial speed for an increased distance.

High Speed Amorphous Technology Shaft

The high speed amorphous shaft maximizes initial ball speed and increased stability.

The butt of the shaft uses amorphous metal carbon, which features the same strength as normal carbon fibre but has about 1.5 times more flex. This massive amount of power stored by the whip is transmitted efficiently to the tip of the shaft and increases head speed.

Specialized Ultimate Face for GRANDIS Drivers

The driver is equipped with the Ultimate Face for GRANDIS. Yamaha’s simulations were used to give this face a wide effective hitting area to compensate for inconsistencies in golfers’ point of impact.

Grandis LX Fairway Wood

Tremendous flight with the new material and new FRICOFF SOLE of this Fairway wood.

Features: Ultra-low/deep CG design for high trajectories. 

  • A slightly lightweight design makes it easy to swing the club quickly
  • Yamaha sound design for a high, pleasant sound on impact
  • IP coating on the head and shaft for an elegant look 

Fairway Wood Technology 

  • The new HT1770 maraging face has a higher COR.
  • The bevel of the sole was shaved down, so less surface area comes in contact with the ground.
  • The Fricoff Saole provides outstanding stability and distance. 

Fairway Wood with FRICOFF SOLE

  • Less surface area comes in contact with the ground.
  • Reducing the surface area of the sole that comes in contact with the ground reduces friction and improves sweep for increased directional stability and incredible flight distance. 

Fairway Wood without FRICOFF SOLE

  • A large amount of the head’s surface comes in contact with the ground. 

Yamaha Iron Grandis LX

New technology added to the Iron provides 20 yards of increased flight distance.

Features: New material and structure increase flight by 20 yards.

  • Ultra-low/deep CG design for ultra-high trajectories.
  • IP coating on head and shaft for an elegant look. 

Iron Technology 

  • Seamless Full Pocket Cavity Design
  • New design with no weld points
  • New material AM355 high-strength steel head
  • The new AM355 high-strength steel head and the Seamless Full Pocket Cavity produce a strong spring-like effect (the COR reaches over 0.8)!
  • A thinner sole surface design is now possible, and it gives these irons an even lower and deeper CG. The entire body launches the ball 20 more yards 

Grandis LX Putter

100% Milled Yamaha’s top-of-the-line high precision putter.

Features: All CNC milled head.

  • Traditional toe-heel shape for easy address.
  • Simple top plate makes lining up easier.
  • Face milling for stable roll.
  • IP coating on the head for an elegant look.
  • Uses fine leather grips.

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