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Iron Callaway Apex Ns Zelos8 91 (5-P S)

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With this feeling unique to soft iron forged iron, this fly. "Flying Forged Iron" is
a forged iron, "APEX Iron", which also got a distance to the unprecedented level, has evolved further and has appeared. This time for the first time, we adopted urethane microspheres which showed outstanding performance in ROGUE iron for a combination of soft soft S25C soft iron forged body and 360 face cup for flying. I realized more soft feeling. Tungsten inner weight is also installed for optimum center of gravity position design. I fused all the excellent parts of the forged iron and the cast iron, and the iron named "apex" now reached the unprecedented high position.



Technology Specs

APEX Iron Technology Item
  • Overwhelming soft feeling

    The new APEX iron realized a phenomenal soft feeling. The reason for this is a body made by forging a soft S25C soft iron and a unique urethane microsphere mounted on a forged iron for the first time. A soft iron forged body brings a sound and feeling suitable for APEX, and urethane microspheres whose performance is proved with ROGUE irons absorb unnecessary vibrations without impairing the repulsion of the face, and the energy transmission efficiency to the ball We are improving.

  • Flying distance performance beyond the concept of a forged iron

    The face adopts the 360 ​​face cup that Calloway has cultivated (I # 4 - 8). Even in the case of caught with a core, of course, even in off center hits, it creates a stable and fast ball initial speed, bringing about a flight unexpected as a soft iron forged iron. In addition, a wedge (I # 9, PW, AW, SW) from a short iron has a 17-4 stainless steel face. In the count to produce the score, we can control the proper spin and trajectory.

  • Multimaterial optimizes center of gravity position by count

    In this APEX iron, we have tungsten inner weights from long irons to middle irons (I # 4-8). This multimaterial structure optimizes the position of the center of gravity of each count while maintaining the resilience performance of 360 face cups. We realize optimum launch, trajectory and control performance to further improve performance.

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