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Iron Maruman Shuttle Gold Graphite (5-PPA)

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Maruman Shuttle Gold Irons

Introducing Maruman Shuttle Gold Iron.

Gentle, straight and far from anywhere on the face Marman Shuttle Gold released.

Majesty Golf Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President Takahiro Matsushita) is pleased to announce the Maruman Shuttle Gold Series, a golf club that pursues EASY for average golfers who thinks " I don't practice very much, but I want to go round with my friends and companions, I want to play golf smartly, I want to reduce big missed shots, etc."

Maruman prioritizes "Easy to Hit" over "Fly" to give a more enjoyable and pleasantly round golf life.

Driver - "Parallel-Impact Face" which flies in a plane instead of a point. Carbon crown body full of gentle elements.

Fairway Wood - Composite body that combines light specific gravity titanium and heavy specific gravity tungsten. (W3, 5)

Utility - Composite body combining high strength custom 450 with heavy specific gravity tungsten. (Same with W7)

Iron - Ultra-thin face of 1.9 mm on the entire face, with extra weight placed at a low and deep center of gravity.

Shaft - The original carbon shaft is the most advanced shaft in collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation FUBUKI.

About This Product Listing

- Contains 4 irons: #7 , #8 , #9 and PW

- #5 , #6 , P/A , AW , SW will be available as extra club options

- Comes with Fubuki SG200  as its standard shaft. NSPRO ZELOS 8 / 7 as custom shaft

- Release Date: Early April.

Maruman Shuttle Gold Iron

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