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Iron Majesty Prestigio 10 LV730 (5-PPA)

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Maruman Majesty Prestigio X Irons

King of The Kings is back!

Maruman Majesty Prestigion X Series or We can call it Maruman Majesty Prestigio 10 (ten) Series.

Introducing Maruman Majesty Prestigio X Iron.

Majesty’s mission: Overwhelming distance performance that excels over all others also ideal impact and refreshing feeling of playing.

Wide area repulsive faces that give great impact and height. MAJESTY 's High Purity Tungsten Inner Casting Manufacturing Method That Can Be Caused by Its Impact with a Large Performance.

Featuring industry's first advanced technology "high purity tungsten inner casting recipe." Succeeded to join metals with specific gravity more than twice the body and lower center of gravity. It has about 5.7 times lower center of gravity effect than tungsten alloy which is generally used.

Precise head and face design to provide high repulsion. High strength "Tafest maraging steel" and "wide groove" design to increase repulsion design realize a large impact.

This product uses the New Majesty LV-730 Shaft which uses Pyrofil ® MR 70 developed in the aerospace field, realizing further weight saving. The direction is also stabilized while having a feeling of being large supple.

About This Product listing

- Set contains 5 irons: #7 - #8 - #9 - #10 - PW

- #5 / #6 / AW / SW are available as extra club options

- Comes with Majesty LV-730 shaft as its standard shaft.

- RELEASE DATE: October 12, 2018

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