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Iron Ping G710 Alta Distanza Black (5-P) R

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PING's unique hollow structure allows the ball to fly up. Because it is the largest MOI in PING iron history, it does not shake. Introducing the G710 iron, which comes standard with a grip equipped with an arcos caddy that smartly creates your best.

PING G710 technology

  • Maraging C300 face

    A maraging C300 face that produces high initial velocity and a hollow structure that produces a large amount of deflection. PING's unique hollow structure that allows the face to bend as a unit allows the ball to fly and fly.
  • Largest MOI in PING Iron History

    The 17-4 stainless steel body and high specific gravity toe and weight at the tip of the shaft realize the largest MOI in the history of PING irons. Even if you make a mistake with the ultimate weight distribution design, there is no blur, so you can fly and not bend.
  • New Hydro Pearl Stealth finish

    Black PVD is added to the highly hydrophobic pearl chrome finish for all weather conditions. The new finish, which has evolved into a fearless look, produces the effect that the head looks more compact.
  • Standard arcos grip

    The G710 iron is equipped with Arcos Smart Grip as the standard grip for the first time. With the standard-installed Arcos Caddy grip, all shots during the round are automatically recorded. State-of-the-art AI functions analyze round data statistics and support your golf.

    Lightweight and dedicated high trajectory shaft is a standard lineup. The flexing of the shaft creates a big carry with a high trajectory.
    4-iron 38 7/8 "7/8 18.5 °degrees 60.5 °degrees 0.29 "Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 3.0 °degrees D0
    5-iron 38 1/4 "1/4 21.5 °degrees 61.0 °degrees 0.26 "Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 4.0 °degrees D0
    6-iron 37 5/8 "5/8 24.5 °degrees 61.5 °degrees 0.23 "Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 5.0 °degrees D0
    7-iron 37 " 28.0 °degrees 62.0 °degrees 0.20 "Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 6.0 °degrees D0
    8-iron 36 1/2 "1/2 32.0 °degrees 62.8 °degrees 0.18 "Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 7.0 °degrees D0
    9-iron 36 " 37.5 °degrees 63.5 °degrees 0.16 "Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 9.0 °degrees D0
    PW 35 1/2 "1/2 43.0 °degrees 64.1 °degrees 0.13 "Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 11.0 °degrees D0
    UW 35 1/2 "1/2 48.5 °degrees 64.1 °degrees 0.11 "Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 11.0 °degrees D0
    SW 35 1/4 "1/4 54.0 °degrees 64.4 °degrees 0.09 "Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 13.0 °degrees D0


    • Individually adjusted by custom fitting.

    • The above lie angles are standard (black).

    • The thickness of the standard grip is AQUA.

    • Some products are custom made. Please note that it may take some time after you place an order.

    • The total weight and balance shown are for reference only.

    • Assembled in Japan [Custom / Partial Repair: Assembled in USA]

  • shaft

    Depending on the player's taste, PING has a wide lineup of steel and carbon shafts. By selecting the most suitable shaft for your swing, you can get maximum flight distance and stable directionality. In general, a player with a fast head speed optimizes the trajectory with a stiffer shaft, and a player with a slower head achieves a higher trajectory with a softer shaft for optimum performance.

    When choosing a steel or carbon shaft, it's a matter of weight and feel. Players looking for a lighter weight and softer feel are for carbon shafts, and players who want a comfortable feel with a general weight are for steel shafts.

    PING recommends fitting for maximum performance. Using the most suitable club for your swing is the fastest way to improve your score.

    PING Alta Distanza Black 40
    Alta Distanza Black 40 shaft
    R 43.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units During ~
    NS Pro Zelos 6
    - 68.5gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Destination
    Nippon NS Pro Zelos 7
    R 74.0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Destination
    S 77.5gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Destination

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