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Putter Head Miura KM007 Series1957 Milled Mallet

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KM-007 (Right Hand Only)

  Material : Mild steel  
  Process: Forging and CNC (computer-numeric controlled) milling
  Finish: W nickel (satin) and chrome  
  Lie: 72°  
  Head weight: 360 grams


  • Discover the feel and control of a forged, milled, mild steel putter.

    Using the same exacting, close-grain forging process that yields the legendary "purity of the strike" in Miura irons, master club maker Katsuhiro Miura created the popular Miura putter line. Now he has fulfilled his desire to make sure that mallet players also get that same solid feel on their putts while looking at a head shape that pleases their eyes. The design is at once minimalist and hefty, offering the confident notion of plenty of mass behind the ball without any wasted metal. The non-glare finish assures comfort over the ball and enhances the handsome overall look.

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